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Learn shinobue

The shinobue, or Japanese bamboo flute, is a versatile instrument that compliments many musical styles. Its tones range from deep and solemn to piercing and ethereal. If you have been to a Japanese o-matsuri (festival), you have heard the sounds of the shinobue, likely accompanied by the drums. 


Whether you are a taiko player who has a need to take on the shinobue as an accompaniment for your group's repertoire, or you are just seeking to learn a new instrument, shinobue lessons can help launch you on a very rewarding journey. The shinobue is an accessible instrument for beginners, yet its depth, beauty and traditions afford a lifetime of exploration. 


To learn more about the shinobue, click here.


To apply for lessons with Kokichi, please fill out the form and you will be contacted for further details shortly.

Japanese flutes Toronto

Imported shinobue from Japan are available through Wagakki Canada. Flutes are crafted by Wako in both Western tuning and Japanese 'o-hayashi' styles. Wagakki Canada offers an online store where flutes can be ordered from stock, or you may order from a variety of tunings and styles.

Learning Japanese flute in Toronto
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