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Taiko in Toronto


Compositions for download/streaming:

​This playlist features music for download for a standard price of $1 CAD. You are free to help support future work and the NAE project by downloading this music by naming a price of your choosing.

Thank you for supporting me and please enjoy this music.

Free to stream:
NAE - なえ

​This demo video features original compositions by Kokichi for promoting a project to publish a collection of original works called 'NAE'. Hope you enjoy!

2018 FIFA World Cup - TSN CM

TVO Kids It's My Party

Check out Kokichi and the kids of TVO's It's My Party in 2018's episode featuring Oshogatsu.

Journey through Japan - にっぽん旅情

Performed in January 2015, Nippon Ryojo or "Musical Journey through Japan" highlighted minyo and festival music from across the Japanese islands. Here are some highlights!

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