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Japanese taiko and music


2019 TFC Playoff pregame show

Kokichi, Connor Fukusaka, Nick Shao and Angela Colangelo perform for the TFC playoff pregame show; photo by Paul Giamou

Kokichi Kusano performs Shakuhachi

Kokichi Kusano performs shakuhachi in Mitsuki

Tetsuya Kudaka in Mitsuki

Tetsuya Kudaka performs Sansa taiko dance at performance Mitsuki

Aki Takahashi on Shamisen in Mitsuki

Aki Takahashi performs shamisen and sings folk songs at performance Mitsuki

Kokichi Kusano

Kokichi Kusano performs Shinobue for Mitsuki at the Ontario Japanese Speech Contest 2019

Tetsuya Kudaka

Tetsuya Kudaka performs Sansa taiko dance at performance Mitsuki

Aki Takahashi - Mitsuki

Aki Takahashi opens Chichibu yatai bayashi at Mitsuki

Taiko in Toronto at the JCCC

Teaching for TVO Kids at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. January 2018

Teaching Taiko in Toronto 2018

Teaching Oshogatsu Daiko to the kids at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 2018.

Teaching taiko to kids for TVO 2018

Sore, sore, sore!... and a pose I'm told is called a dip... no dab. I learned something today.

Taiko lessons in Toronto
Teaching taiko in Toronto
Taiko performance in Japan

Kazushige Yanase leads Chichibu-yatai-bayashi with Tetsuya Kudaka, Ryo Shimamoto and Kokichi Kusano

Japanese music performance in Japan

Comical re-enactment of the legend of Kaguya Hime in concert Mitsudomoe

Taiko performance

Trio of winners of the Okaya Odaiko soloist competition meld their winning techniques in concert Mitsudomoe

Taiko concert in Japan

Opening number - Mitsudomoe 2017

shinobue Japanese flute performance

Performing 'Loon' in concert Mitsudomoe (2017) in Iida city Nagano, Japan.

Kudaka Tetsuya taiko performance

The dynamic talents of Tetsuya Kudaka capture the imagination in this melding of One-kenbai and Kiri-bangaku traditional dances

taiko performance in Japan

Ryo Shimamoto (composer, front) and Kazushige Yanase (Odaiko, rear) perform Urakan (wind god) in mind melding unison after solo 'Loon' by Kokichi setting the calm before the storm

Sansa Odori taiko performance

Tetsuya Kudaka bounces effortlessly across the stage in Sansa Odori with flute by Kokichi

Shimamoto Ryo

The versatility and shear physical control of Ryo Shimamoto captures the stage in an incredible solo performance

Taiko concert in Japan

Kokichi on flute for finale of Mitsudomoe, a piece mimicking the Deer dance with dizzying performance by Tetsuya Kudaka, Odaiko with Kazushige Yanase and Taiko kit performance by Ryo Shimamoto

Taiko performance in Montreal

Guest appearance in private performance with Kayo Yasuhara and Komachi (Montreal 2017)

Teaching Japanese flute in Toronto

Explaining the sound 'Ohya' at TJLS workshop, 2015

Shinobue demonstration

Ohayashi played on Shinobue at TJLS workshop 2015

Teaching about Japanese music

Demonstration of Atari-gane at TJLS workshop 2015

Teaching taiko in Toronto

Teaching kids about Taiko drums at TJLS workshop 2015

Learning about taiko in Toronto

Participants learn rhythms at TJLS workshop 2015

Taiko demonstration in Toronto

Participants match hands to rhythms at TJLS workshop 2015

Teaching taiko in Toronto

Kokichi demonstrates rhythms at TJLS workshop 2015

Teaching about Japanese flute

Demonstrating the wind instruments of Japan at TJLS workshop 2015

Shakuhachi performance in Ottawa

Akita Nikata bushi 2015 -photos by Shiun Okada, Felix Guenette

Japanese flute performance in Ottawa

Edo no Komori uta (rendition) -photos by Shiun Okada, Felix Guenette

Japanese music in Ottawa

Musical Journey through Japan 2015 with Ryoko Itabashi -photos by Shiun Okada, Felix Guenette

Taiko performance in Ottawa

Ms. Ryoko Itabashi and Kokichi play a dynamic duet on Shime at the Embassy of Japan 2015 -photo by Kevin McMillan

Taiko performance in Ottawa


Ottawa Tea Festical 2014

Okedo Solo

Taiko in Ottawa

Okedo solo

Japanese music in Ottawa

Akita Nikata Bushi with Shamisen by Ryoko Itabashi

Shamisen in Ottawa

Ryoko Itabashi on Tsugaru Shamisen

Japanese dance in Toronto

Ms. Kayo Yasuhara performs Nishimonai Bon Odori at Momiji centre.

Taiko in Toronto

Performance at Momiji Centre with guests Kayo Yasuhara and Atsushi Kato.

Taiko in Toronto

Atsushi Kato performs at the Momiji Centre.

Japanese music in Toronto

Minyo Japanese folk music performed on shakuhachi and with vocals by Kayo Yasuhara

Japanese dance in Toronto

Kiribangaku Kagura dance performed at Tengu spirit at Momiji Centre by Kayo Yasuhara with taiko by Kokichi

Japanese flute in Toronto

Kokichi performs flute for Momiji centre - Fue provided by Wako

Kusano Kokichi

Taiko accompaniment at Obon summer festivities with Urara Minbukai Toronto 2014.

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