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Taiko classes


Kokichi teaches a variety of Taiko drumming courses and workshops, primarily out of the NAE Studio in downtown Toronto. For further information please use the contact form to inquire about lessons and classes at the Nae Studio. 

Taiko is both a musical art form and a discipline that can provide mental, physical and moral benefits to the learner. Steeped in a wide array of traditions that extend into the history and culture of the East Asian people, taiko is a dynamic performance art that stands at the intersection of old and new. Taiko performance requires a combination of exacting physical discipline, musical talent and a healthy moral foundation of humble self conduct, introspection and self correction. 

Kokichi has taught individual students and coached youth and adult taiko teams in both Canada and Japan. For groups or teams of taiko enthusiasts who are seeking training in traditional repertoire, new compositions to fill out their repertoire, or courses to refine their techniques and knowledge, Kokichi offers consultative learning opportunities. Kokichi can provide composed works, customized to a groups' style, membership and instrumentation and can offer coaching sessions to implement them. Please feel free to contact him for any inquiries you may have.

Kokichi is currently a leading advisor and teacher with the taiko program being formed out of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) in Toronto. If you would like information on this program or learning opportunities outside of the centre, please fill out the form here and be sure to indicate your interest in the JCCC taiko program.

For more information on taiko drums, click here.

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