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Taiko in Toronto


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Performer of Taiko and Japanese folk dance, Tetsuya is a powerful musician and a creative and exciting dancer and comedic performer. He is a winning champion of the Okaya World Odaiko Soloist Competition.


Ryo Shimamoto is a professional Japanese Taiko performer and instructor based in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. His vast array of styles are executed with a precision and power unique to regard. He is a winning champion of the Okaya World Odaiko Soloist Competition.

Japanese folk dance performer, creator and instructor

Montreal based performer, creator and instructor of Japanese dance and music. Kayo leads the renowned dance group Komachi Montreal.

Soloist performer of Japanese Tsugaru Shamisen

Ryoko Itabashi is well known in Ottawa for her performances of Tsugaru Shamisen. She performs both modern and folk music and can be seen in many collaborative performances. She is also a highly skilled taiko drummer, instructing children and adults in the Ottawa area.

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Shinobue and Taiko

Wako Shinobue

Wako shinobue are crafted in the best traditions of the art with care and passion by Wako of Tokyo, Japan. 

All flutes are made with select and ages Japanese Shino-dake bamboo and come if a variety of designs and tunings.

Wako flutes can be ordered custom and from inventory from:

Ushiyama Taiko

Ushiyama Taiko-ten is an artisan manufacturer of Japanese Taiko drums based in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

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