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Lessons and Programs

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Kokichi offers individual and group lessons for those interested in developing skills in taiko drumming and Japanese flute.


Workshops are held periodically and depending on content may be free or require a fee to join.

Free workshops generally engage beginners and offer an introduction to an art such as taiko or shinobue; whereas specialty workshops deal with more advanced and specific material.


Please subscribe for information on upcoming workshops.



Classes are held over a period of weeks and require a fee to participate. Courses range from beginners (form and basic technique) to advanced (repertoire and arrangements). 


Please email to request specific details.



Private lessons are available for shinobue. 


Click the button that corresponds with what you would like to learn for details and applicable forms to apply.

Teaching taiko in Toronto
What would you like to learn?

Click the button of your preference below for details and application.

Learning taiko in Toronto
Learning Japanese flute in Toronto
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