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NAE Studio launch

After a long search and a very busy spring and summer, I am proud to announce the opening of the NAE Studio in Toronto. The Studio is located at 33 Villiers Street in the Cherry Beach district area and can be accessed by the Pape 72 line of buses or is within walking distance (approximately 10 minutes) of the famous distillery district in the heart of Downtown. Several lines of buses and streetcars route through the distillery area.

NAE Studio for traditional Japanese music arts

The NAE Studio will soon be commencing a series of classes that will be held at the studio or at local centres on an ongoing basis. Regular open workshops will be announced and posted here and in their respective locations later this month and regular classes will be posted here with times and locations as well as relevant fees. Feel free to contact me through this form if you would like to inquire about lessons or classes, or to pre-register your interest in classes as space will be limited and enrolment will be on a first come first serve basis.

Nae no kai emblem

I am also pleased to announce I am actively enlisting talented musicians and artists to join me in the 'NAE no kai' - a performance based musical troop. The NAE no kai is seeking those interested or already versed in Japanese music, including but not exclusively targeting taiko ensemble musicians. Artists with skills in Shinobue, shakuhachi, koto, shamisen and other forms of Japanese music are invited to contact me for information about performing with the NAE no kai. The NAE no kai operates in collaboration with and under the direction of myself and other collaborating artists whom I continue to work with in performances in Canada and Japan.

As well - for those with an interest in performing in capacities relating to a more multi-disciplinary field, yet still revolving around Japanese culture - the NAE Project is looking for Japanese speakers who have some interest in theatre based work; Japanese dancers; individuals with some experience or skill in Japanese story telling or recitation in a traditional field such as rakugo or other spoken art form.

The NAE Studio is also seeking volunteers who are passionate about Japanese music, theatre and festival arts. If you have a desire to get involved in an ambitious venture to bring Japanese theatre and festivals to audiences in Canada, then please consider helping the NAE project or supporting the NAE Studio. At this time the NAE Project is not a charitable or non-for-profit venture, and thus donations of any kind are treated as patron sponsorships for the time being. However, if you have skills in accounting, theatre production such as sound technician or lighting, event promotion, online marketing or website design - your time and skills could make all the difference. In the future, if the NAE Studio takes on a different organizational structure, some positions or contributions maybe eligible for compensation or future employment.

If you are interested in working with or studying at the NAE Studio - please feel free to contact me through the website contact form or click here to go there now. I look forward to hearing from you!

春夏も瞬く間に終わり、長かったスタジオ選びもやっと終わりました。ようやくここに「苗道場」(英語名「Nae Studio」)設立の報告ができますことを、大変うれしく思っています。道場は、ダウンタウンの「ディスティラリー」地区より徒歩約10分のチェリー・ビーチ近く(33 Villiers Street)にあります。ペープ72番線Bバスの停留所が一ブロックほど離れたところにありますが、これ以外にも、バスやストリートカーの停留所がディスティラリー付近に数多くあります。

Kokichi at the NAE Studio







The NAE Studio was opened as part of the NAE Project, which is proud to acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors:


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