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Announcing the 49th Taiko Festival in Okaya city 2019

Calling Canadian Taiko enthusiasts interested in participating in a gathering of world Taiko players at the 49th Taiko Festival in Okaya city, Nagano prefecture Japan in August of this year.

The festival is seeking up to 10 Canadian artists or enthusiasts – first come first serve – to apply for free stay and participation in the event which begins August 11th and follows through until the 14th. Participants will be required to pay for their own way to Japan, but will be collected from the airport, shuttled to sight, where they will be provided for until the event concludes. Once the event is over, participants may choose to stay on in Japan at their own expense – or return to the airport and home.

Several years ago it was my pleasure to participate in the 2016 Odaiko competition held there, and the city, which neighbours Suwa, is very near to Suwa lake and the heart of the kumi-taiko tradition to which so many of us owe our early experiences. It was a fantastic event and I encourage any interested to join and go!

Poster for the 49th Taiko Festival in Okaya city

Please take a look at the event poster here, and inquire below for more details.

Those interested should contact Mr. Iida to enroll:

Detailed information for the event's schedule and location

Spaces are limited, so please reach out soon!

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