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Project NAE approved for funding by the Ontario Arts Council オンタリオ州・アーツ・カウンシルが「なえ」プロジェクトの助成金授与を決定

At long last one major step came to fruition today with notice from the Ontario Arts Council that my application for funding of the NAE project was approved.

I would like first and foremost to express my gratitude to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support for this project and its aims.



Nae is a project to compose a collection of original compositions for Japanese music. This grant support will go a long way in helping the project to come to fruition and with some additional support it is hoped to provide a means to bring this music to a wider audience in the future.




I continue to press forward and hope to report more good news in the weeks and months to follow. Thank you to those who have supported these efforts.



-Kokichi 幸吉

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