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Video shoot for kids program

Teaching the kids at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, January 2018

Very nearly after this past New Year, I was contacted in regard to a television program for TVO Kids, that was seeking a musician who could help them shoot an educational segment for a program featuring kids exploring culture together. The timeline was tight, but the project sounded exciting and so just a little over a week ago with the generous cooperation of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the Toronto Japanese Language School, we completed two days of shooting. Phew, what a whirl wind experience. Its incredibly surreal to be at one moment a casual observer to the machinery of videography and sound, and the next thrust into 'playing oneself' for the camera - not once, but often several times repeated. Imagine if we could do multiple takes in real life...

I enjoyed the experience very much and it was a pleasure to be back at the Toronto Japanese Language School and a group of their youth letting them beat the drums and learn about Japanese culture.

I would also like to thank the kids, crew and staff who worked with me during the shoot. I was just another pretty face to them I'm sure, but they were a great team to work with: all very professional and highly motivated. It was a pleasure!

Since the segment featured Japanese 'Oshogatsu' (New Years celebrations) I understand it is unlikely that I will be able to see myself behave embarrassingly on television for about a year yet! But, keep your eyes peeled if you live in Ontario and have young children... Or if you just enjoy watching TVO Kids... (I have, you'd be surprised what you might learn!)


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