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New works published on the Media page!

During a recent jam session/recording blitz, I decided to put two pieces of flute music up. These pieces developed as improvisations on themes that were set beforehand, and developed on their own. The recordings are of live performance unedited, thus they retain the raw imperfections that you might hear in a live improvised performance, but nevertheless I think the pieces came out rather well. I’ve posted them for you to enjoy – if you so please, through SoundCloud. Feel free to have a listen through the media page.

The first piece was ‘Akagumo’, or so I’ve called, names after the theme of red evening clouds for which the piece was based around. Next you’ll find ‘Oiwake’, a piece beginning with the introduction to the classic folk song ‘Esashi Oiwake’ and quickly departing into its own story. I hope you enjoy these pieces and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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