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Lessons and Classes - Taiko and Shinobue

It has been a busy spring preparing for the launch of a new series of projects. The first I am pleased to announce is classes, lessons and workshops. While I have already been occupied with several educational workshops this spring, the time has come to launch a more regular series of programs for enthusiastic learners. Currently I am offering Taiko and Shinobue lessons. Taiko classes are available in locations throughout the GTA and with the exception of classes or workshops that are formally announced, pre-registration is now available online so that students who express an interest can be matched to the nearest class that suites them, or so that planning can begin for a class to accommodate. Pre-registration is easy and can be done online here in a quick questionnaire that will only take a minute. Please pre-register here, to allow for the best chance of getting the class that suits you.

If you’d prefer to wait to try a workshop, try subscribing or contacting me to leave your email address and I can keep you posted on the latest events.

Lessons in Shinobue, Japanese bamboo flute, are also available now and range from beginner to advanced level. Application for lessons can be done by contacting me directly, or by filling out an application form here, where you will have the opportunity to answer a few questions that will help me determine your needs as a learner. If you need an instrument, I have also launched Wagakki Canada, a website where people seeking a quality Shinobue can turn for handmade quality Shinobue flutes imported from Japan. Please check it out if you or someone you know is looking for a Shinobue.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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