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Media page up and running!

Well, at last it’s up. Finally, a page to put the sights and sounds of some of the music and performances I’ve been getting up to. Presently, it consists of a sample audio track provided by SoundCloud and a video of outtakes from the recent concert in Ottawa – Musical Journey through Japan (Nippon Ryojo). I’m excited to keep this page updated with new media and creative projects, so feel free to contact me if you have any great ideas!

The audio is a humble solo recording project of Haneko Odori that I prepared for the Komachi Montreal dancers in Montreal for their New York performance. Haneko Odori is a traditional dance that celebrates the advent of an abundant harvest; taking its origins from one particularly good harvest that occurred during a period of frequently bad crops. The dance consists of a great deal of jumping and bouncing about, hence the name Haneko, which suggests bouncing about.


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