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Kokichi is a creator, writer and composer, as well as director and musician performer of traditions of Japanese music and theatre art.

He is Artistic Director of The NAE Project, a collective of musicians and performance artists based in Toronto, ON. 



Melodie Du Ly, Administrative Manager - Chotto Matte

'professional and courteous...building bespoke performances tailored to our brand!'

'The cherry on top was their wonderful outfits, that  complimented our aesthetic'


Minh Vu, Marketting Coordinator - Kinka Family

'The performance was great...

Kokichi-san and team arrived on time and had everything set up for the performance. 

He was also very interactive with the crowd, inviting people to try out the drum.'


Nancy Kwon, Head of Communications & Marketting - CFIG

'The NAE Project are complete professionals that have been used at our event opening for several years....

Their drumming performance added much excitement to our event.'

Kokichi is proud to aknowledge the generous support of:


Kokichi Kusano is a taiko drummer and Japanese music artist located in Toronto

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