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Lectures and Workshops for taiko groups and students of Japanese music

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Sample topics:

  • Traditional music and techniques of practice and instruction

  • Shoga and Japanese music theory with hands on instruction in many traditional and modern pieces

  • Classical music and Minyo music arrangements for groups by piece

  • Composed new works for groups seeking new material and coaching*​

  • Stage work and analysis of piece work from the perspective of Japanese theatrical traditions​, audience perspectives and thematic development

  • Fundamental music theory in relation to Japanese music​

  • Taiko styles and variations in Japanese music​

  • Team structure and etiquette in Japanese performing arts​

  • Shime and Oketaiko tying

  • The Japanese language of taiko and performing arts

  • Japanese costume styles meanings, traditions and general knowledge and care

  • Discussions of modern vs traditional music and performance styles

*Workshops and follow-up lessons to teach original compositions will include a fee for instruction time and a separate fee for copyright permission for the use of the composed work.

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